Martin Garrido

Digital Designer


Martin is a self-taught designer with a focus on interactive experiences, websites, mobile apps, and branding. He has been working for over six years including having been part of brands such as the success coach Tony Robbins, Merry Jane (by Snoop Dogg), Epson, Neon Roots, among others. 

He wants to be valuable to people, find solutions, and enjoy the process of it.


Health Men App

A health awareness tool built specifically for men.

An Opportunity Network

It’s a talent matching app that connects active job seekers with employers.

(Coming Soon)


Subanapp is an app that makes sure to streamline and simplify the process so that you receive the approval of the entities that can finance your dreams.

(Coming Soon)


My Story


(Photo by Mavi Habil)

I started my career at the age of 18 years old working as a Designer in TakeoffMedia (2008 - 12). After learnt about design process and digital design, I decided to quit my job and travel alone to the US (to take some air).

For the past six years, I've been designing apps and websites for a variety of clients, from large corporations to different kind of startups, this gives me an unique edge when working with complex projects involving multiple disciplines.

I’m currently in Montevideo but I love to travel and find new adventures, especially with teams from cities I haven't been at. Don’t hesitate if you want to talk with me!

Jack Of Trade

+ Passion for Design
+ Research, UserFlows and Scenarios
+ Sketching, Wireframes & Prototypes
+ Strong eye for details, Clean and Pixel Perfect
+ Design Direction
+ Positive attitude and High Self-Motivation
+ Product Design
+ Team Management


Award-winning designer of the Ibero-American Design Biennial (2014). The BID (abbr) wants to reward projects already carried out a broad spectrum of innovation: technological and non - technological . The Biennial is held every two years in the Central Design Slaughterhouse Madrid and is the meeting point for design professionals and institutions in Latin America, Spain and Portugal. This event brings front the design events in the region and has established the award of prizes as a platform for recognition of Latin American design as a seal of quality.


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